Hillary Clinton Goldfish Found DEAD in Apparent Suicide


A goldfish belonging to Hillary Clinton was found dead on Aug. 7, just one week after Victor Thorn, a prominent anti-Clinton biographer best known for his investigative trilogy exposing Clinton scandals, died of “an apparent suicide.”

The death of the goldfish, named Monty, adds to the latest in a series of mysterious deaths surrounding the Clintons. Monty was reportedly given to Hillary as a good luck charm by a Monsanto executive.

Clinton’s spokesperson attributed Monty’s demise to “natural causes.” New accounts, however, offer evidence of a sudden, fatal spike in chlorine levels within the goldfish’s tank.

One source says Monty jumped to his death and was found on an Oriental rug. A conflicting account says he was found floating in his tank by a housekeeper.

Maybe the goldfish seen too much…

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