Watch This Guy Fight Off A Great White Shark With His Bare Hands

A college student spearfishing off the coast of Santa Barbara, California was lucky to survive a face-to-face encounter with the ocean’s deadliest predator, a great white shark.

Tyler McQuillen said he initially thought one of his friends was playing a joke on him by grabbing his flipper but he quickly realised that a shark had bitten his foot.

A camera fitted to the spear gun captured his incredibly close call. The 22 year old dropped the weapon when the shock of the attack dawned on him, and he later said he thought he was going to die.

However, he managed to retrieve the spear gun just in time to fend off the giant predator.

When the great white circled back for another charge, McQuillen “gave him a nice little jab” with his spear and the shark swam away, he explained to San Diego’s CBS 8.

The student was able to swim safely to shore and alert his friends to the danger lurking in the shallow water.

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